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The door is not a place of passage

Aggiornamento: 3 ott 2023

Door and gates create and shape environments, not only as a functional object or decoration

In the famous animated film “Monsters and Co.”(2001), which depicts a world populated by funny monsters who make their living by popping out of our wardrobes, one imagines by passing through many magic doors, one can enter as many rooms scattered around the world.

The doors are all different and colourful, as the rooms to which they lead: each room has its own room, each room has its own décor, which matches the style of the door perfectly. The correspondence between furniture and door is such that during the film, we are able to guess which door will lead to which room, even before we walk through it.

Door opening onto the world

Without necessarily turning to animated films, even in the works of the digital artist Fran Rodriguez a door suspended in the middle of nowhere is enough on its own to transport us to an infinite expanse of imaginary worlds. Rodriguez’s imaginative works are essential because they show us that even seeing a dark rectangle suspended in the middle of the countryside is enough to imagine the concept of a “door” even if the rectangle had no hinges or handles. A “door” is anything that allows passage from one place to another. No hinges or handles are needed: just a place to enter and another to leave.

Creating an environment out of nothing

If the door is the only way to enter a place, the door is also the appearance with which a place first presents itself. An office with partitions and a glass door, for example, gives a feeling of openness and brightness but also of coolness and seriousness in work. Doors also vary according to function: where we put a glass door, we would never put a fire door or armored door, which instead lend themselves to rooms that need certain functions, such as public buildings or modernized cellars. A door can also be a piece of furniture, as in the case of sliding doors of folding doors, which imply a certain idea of elegance.

In each of these cases, the door alone defines the surroundings before it is even possible to enter the surroundings. The door, in essence, is like creating an environment where there was nothing before. For this reason, it must be maintained to a standard that holds true to our idea of the interior.

As far as glass doors are concerned, constant cleaning with a dampened cloth will be enough to keep them looking immaculate and streak-free. For other types of doors, the matter becomes a little more complex, because wear and tear does not only affect the object itself but also the hinges and the wall into which it is fitted. While oiling can sometimes be sufficient for the hinges, wear on the edges varies depending on the type of wall and floor, since we are in a transit area. Plaster can get damaged and crumble but wall paper can also wear, especially at corners.

Protecting the door

With Trafil corner covers we can protect the corners of passage areas. They adapt to all kinds of environments as they are available in many colours and textures (embossed and imitation wood) and can therefore be combined with doors and windows for a uniform and harmonious environment.

Depending on the type and the function of the room, it is advisable to opt for suitable profiles, protection profiles that protect corners and walls from impact and wear, preventing excessive economic outlay. Such as Trafil protective corner covers which can be simply applied with water-based glue or silicone. Certified Class 1 fire resistant and free of bacterial growth, Trafil protective corner covers are particularly suitable for environments with a large number of visitors, such as schools, hospitals and offices. Other Trafil protective corner covers are applied with special screw provided. This kind of protection profiles, as well as the article Trafil Quarter circular in flexible PVC, are all washable colors depending on the need and the idea we want to give to the environment.


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