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The practical trend of white

Updated: May 9, 2023

The elegance of a house furnished with the colour white is not without its versatility.

When we speak about the cinema of white telephones, we mean the film sub-genre of comedy that had so much success between the 1930s and 1940s in Italy. The reason of this name was related to the presence of the characteristic white telephones in the set design, which were more expensive than the common Bakelite ones. In this way, the white telephones became the symbol of a social class but also of a sophisticated artistic taste.

Today “white telephones” are back. Maybe they are really not telephones, but their function of representing good taste in interior design has been taken up by the white furniture, which together with white fixtures is back in fashion.

The practical and sublime white

The most appreciated quality of the colour white lies not only in its elegance but also in its great harmonising capacity. White furniture, as we can imagine a white small table or a white bookcase, a white armchair or white lamp, are able to illuminate a room with their presence. Even when it is not accompanied by the constant shot of colour, white furniture harmonises with any style choice, thanks to its neutral and unassuming colour.

It is no mystery why white fixtures have recently become so sought-after on the market. In addition to filling homes and offices with light, white fixtures provide almost absolute freedom in the choice of furnishing. Whether in an office or a kitchen, a living room with a crystal table or a meeting room with an industrial wooden table, white fixtures certainly don't clash, lightening the tone and colour of any room.

Versatility of colour white

The colour white can be applied to everything. It never seems unfinished or tacky, whatever material we have chosen for our furniture. White aluminium fixtures, for example, in addition to their characteristic brightness, need very little maintenance over the years. White wooden fixtures, on the other hand, are highly sought-after and effectively protect against moisture. White PVC fixtures are the most typical we are used to see them in offices and busy places.

Exploiting interstices

As an aesthetic support to fixtures, it is essential to maintain a line of white around the room itself. Trafil square skirting boards in white PVC, for example, match perfectly with any furnishing material. They are customizable and can be combined with corner covers. Thanks to the modern design in faux wood, that resembles wood more than the real one, the Square skirting boards, are suitable for even the most elegant rooms. Easy to lay and clean, they can be used as skirting board flush with plasterboard walls and can be combined with floors and walls.

A different design and a softer line are followed by Trafil round skirting board, again in white PVC, that can be customized in various colors, including faux wood to combine with a house that has made wood its pride. Better than wood, PVC is waterproof, easy to lay and wash.


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