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White is all colors

How to create monochromatic environments that welcome the eye and relax the mind

The number of existing shades of colours is probably one of the things that come closest to infinity. It is no coincidence that the concept of infinity itself is often represented by the colour that joins all colours. We are talking about white. Technically white is formed through the additive synthesis of all colours that are visible for us humans.

Over the centuries, several meanings have been attributed to this achromatic colour: purity, spirituality and candour.

In the collective imagination, white means perfection and positivity. In everyday life, white spaces make our mind relaxed and facilitate concentration, helping us to think more clearly and to keep a simple soul.

These reasons, together with an innate aesthetic elegance, have made white the king of white.

White: the timeless colour

In the world of marketing, we often hear that “white is the best-selling t-shirt colour”. This expression means that simplicity is the customers’ main choice, despite the variety of customised objects with peculiar shades suggested by the market.

White is undoubtedly the king in terms of furniture related to both houses and public buildings (hotel, SPA, restaurants, etc…).

It is the most frequently used colour for bathroom furniture because it gives a sense of cleanliness, hygiene and freshness too. White is also a certain choice when we talk about the painting of walls and the laying of floors, as it makes spaces wider and uniformly brighter.

Moreover, this chromatic choice offers a great versatility: it is easy to match white with other shades, softening the most intense colours and reviving the feeblest ones.

In several trendy palette, white is matched with different earth-coloured and light blue tonalities but also intense and Mediterranean ones, like yellow, orange, green, which give a modern style to the spaces. The black and white combination, as Coco Chanel said, remains the must of elegance.

White and texture: free to experiment

White is also a good choice for experimenting with various texture. It is always a refined choice for frames and textile. In this instance, the natural material research allows us to be free to make experiments: matching white with wood is exceptional, as well as the combination with unrefined cotton or stone-coloured neutral accessories. White, as a background colour, gives a lot of satisfactions. In this case, it is important to be careful to details like skirting board and profiles. A classic wooden skirting board or with a baroque style, on a white wall, is a timeless elegant choice. As regards modern spaces, PVC plastic profiles give an innovative style to the environment.

The last must of design: “all-white”

During the last few years, the all-white trend is increasingly growing, despite the vastness of chromatic choices. From glazed to mock-dirty to the so called “shabby chic”: the white revival, the use of simple rural lines are synonyms of good taste.

White is the protagonist of country furniture again, that inspires comfortable and nostalgic atmospheres. Nevertheless, it is also the colour of future, the symbol of technology and research, typically used for avantgarde buildings.

Currently, white is the most utilised colour for accommodation facilities because it matches practicality and aesthetic elegance. The choice of white, as a single colour for a room, provides several advantages: the chromatic uniformity is harmonious and well balanced, offering an immediate sense of relax and wellness.

Good connection among white spaces

When we choose all-white furniture, there is only one thing to pay attention to: avoid overlapping different types of white with different brightness, in order not to “dirty” the homogeneity of the environment. It is also important to consider details which refine the total perception and join different spaces.

The choice of skirting board, profiles, finishing and corner covers, is the main point of a project where elegance is its purpose.

The Trafil catalogue offers a lot of solutions for different kinds of furniture, certainly also for the all-white option, in various styles. Trafil skirting boards can be easily customised so as to balance the various shades of white in the furniture without breaking the chromatic harmony of the room. Trafil profiles conform with several requests: from a relaxed environment to innovation and research spaces. They also add the finishing touch to environments that seek perfection.


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