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  • Acrovinyl profiles with tin shockproof
  • Fine embossing materials
  • "V0" nylon terminals, non-halogen, non-carcinogenic
  • No bacterial growth
  • Class 1 fire-safe
  • Support profile in extruded aluminium


Slight color variation can occur between acrylic-vinyl profile and "V0" nylon elements due to different materials and processing.

The materials meet European directive 2002/95/CE January 27th, 2003, aligned with RoHS standard for plastic materials (unleaded and without heavy metals). The materials comply with EU rules and with RoHs Rule about plastics.


Available colors
  • Application: with supplied screws

    Surcharge: extra charge will be applied for red, dark green, and aluminium colors

    Special colors: the minimum order for an acrylic-vinyl profile is 1000 meters


    Shock-absorbing corner 57x57

    Profile with acrilyc-vinyl covering

    Aluminium supporter

    Thickness 3 mm | 6 meters bars

    Code: S-57


    Closing terminals

    Self-centering, interlocking terminals in "V0" nylon

    Code: S-57TM

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