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We recommend fixing the Multisystem using the special clips with pressure fitting. Patented system, which allows a quick and safe application of the skirting board, allowing it to be removed later without damaging the anchoring system.




· Place the clip on the wall taking care to rest its base at floor level.

· Mark the position of the hole with a pencil and drill the hole with a 5 mm bit.

· Insert the plug into the hole and fix the clip with the screw.

· Apply the clips at a distance of 25/50 cm from each other according to the irregularities of the wall.

Fasten the baseboards with a simple push


  • Multisystem skirting clips (Trafil patent)


    Use: fastening system cable feed-through base for Multisystem skirting boards.


    Pack: 20 or 100 pieces

    Code: PC20 (20 pieces)

    Code: PC100 (100 pieces)

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