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High and certified fire protection


Passive fire protection increasingly needs complete, safe, and certified solutions.

All our finished products are strictly tested and complemented by certifications required by the regulations in terms of fire safety.


Material suitable for use in hospital structures, assistance structures, and sanitary structures in general, as well as in environments where foodstuffs are processed.


Our plastic material is entirely waterproof, smooth, washable, and sterilizable.

It doesn't release chemical substances under normal conditions of use and it is not affected by the use of traditional cleaners and degreasers.


Rigid PVC colors
  • Rigid PVC "U" profile

    Width 25 mm | Height 8 mm |

    Thickness 1.5 mm

    Pack: 150 meters | 2 meters bars

    Minimum order: 1000 meters

    Colors available on request

    Use: finishing profile

    Code: R2

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