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Excellent optical, elastic and impact-resistant properties


  • Colors available: trasparent

    Drilling and cutting: sheets can be drilled using standard drilling machines. Drill a hole of 1.5 mm diameters. it will be larger then the diametr of the screw in order to consider the sheet expansion. Installing correctly the sheet to prevent any breaks. Remove the protective film after cutting only. Use a saw with a blade. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and rain to prevent any excessive build-up of heat in the packaging.

    Cleaning: we recommend to use water and neutral detergent only. Do not use abrasive products. Dry gently using a soft cloth. Do not use alcohol.

    Use: dressers, walls, ceiling, pillars ans floorings.


    Sheet 500x500 mm - thinckness 2mm

    Pack: 5pcs

    Code: LMC2S500X500


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