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Application: The application is extremely simple, just drill a hole of ø 5 mm. Put the screw anchor (supplied with the assembly kit) in the hole, carefully remove any dust from the wall using a cloth and finally apply the wall guard using its screws. The assembly kit is included in the package (screws and screws anchors).


Available colors
  • Wall guard 500X80

    Height 80 mm | Length 500 mm | Thickness 4 mm

    Use: Wall guards are particularly suitable for use in homes, offices, waiting rooms and wherever walls are particularly exposed to possible damages. The transparent version is suitable for any type of furniture.


    Pack: 50 pieces

    Code: 1B1 transparent, 1B2 white, 1B3 smoke-grey, 1B4 ivory


    Pack: 25 pieces

    Code: 1B1B transparent, 1B2B white, 1B3B smoke-grey, 1B4B ivory


    Packed separately with barcode

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