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Transparency, thermal insulation and resistance

The polycarbonate is a techno-polymer with excellent features of transparency, thermal insulation and crash resistance. The particular multiwall structure of the sheets optimizes all these features and makes it suitable in residential and industrial building applications. The external side of polycarbonate is coated with U.V. protection warranting resistance to aging due to atmospheric agents and U.V. rays.

Safe mirror

Unbreakable and reflective

Excellent optical, flexible and resistant properties.

Meters roll glass

Light, safe and flexible

Transparent multiuse film.

Easy to shape for any application.

Safe crystal

Self-extinguishing, light and safe

Solid polycarbonate sheets have excellent mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. They are flexible and shock-resistant, they provide a higher thermal and acoustic insulation than common glass. Its lightness (a slid polycarbonate sheet weighs 50% less than a sheet of glass of the same thickness) allows reducing the weight in building applications. The advantages of solid polycarbonate sheets are: self-extinguishing, safety, lightness, light transmission, U.V. protection.

Synthetic glass

High-resistant and luminous

Polystyrene solid sheets have excellent mechanical properties and high resistance to thermal expansion due to heat.

They are highly shock resistant, easy to work and apply. Being highly transparent and luminous, these products offer innovative solutions.

Multiuse sheet

Self-extinguishing, colored and safe

The expanded PVC sheets are light, resistant, easy to cut and apply. Easy to shape, clean and screen printing.

These products are weather-resistant and self-extinguishing.

Multiuse polypropylene sheet

Light, inexpensive and resistant

Alveolar polypropylene sheets are light, easy to shape, and durable.

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