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· Acrovinyl profiles with tin shockproof

· Fine embossing materials

· "V0" nylon terminals, non-halogen, non-carcinogenic

· No bacterial growth

· Class 1 fire-safe

· Support profile in extruded aluminium


Slight color variation can occur between acrylic-vinyl profile and "V0" nylon elements due to different materials and processing.

The materials meet European directive 2002/95/CE January 27th, 2003, aligned with RoHS standard for plastic materials (unleaded and without heavy metals). The materials comply with EU rules and with RoHs Rule about plastics.



Extra charge will be applied for red, dark green, and aluminium colors;



The minimum order for an acrylic-vinyl profile is 1000 meters


Available colors
  • Handrail tube

    Aluminium handrail, diameter 40 mm

    Acrylic-vinyl covering

    1-meter bars

    Code: M-40L


    "V0" nylon brackets

    Code: M-40MS


    "V0" nylon 90°-150° corners

    Code: M-40AG


    "V0" nylon 90°-150° terminals

    Code: M-40TM



    Supplied with application kit

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