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1. If necessary, cut the strip in the appropriate spaces with scissors, making sure to cut exactly on the line delimited by the copper-colored dots;

2. If necessary, cut the aluminium profile to the desired size, and in any case to the same length as the LED strip and the skirting board;

3. Remove the central closing profile of the baseboard from the baseboard itself;

4. Fasten the baseboard to the wall with screws and dowels;

5. Fix the led strip inside the heat sink aluminium profile, taking care to remove the protective film of the double-sided tape. Place everything inside the baseboard itself;

6. Close with the opal closing profile;

7. The LED strip is equipped with connectors on both ends, connect the male connector with the power supply and insert it into the power outlet;

8. Up to 5 meters of LED strip can be connected to the same power supply, connectable with the appropriate connectors.


  • LED KIT 5 for Multifunction skirting board MF55

    Kit content:

    · 2 aluminum U-profiles 2,5 mt

    · 2 opal profiles 2,5 mt

    · led strip 5 m natural light with connector on the ends

    · 12V1A power supply (suitable for powering up to 5 meters)

    baseboard excluded


    Code: KL5

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