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Solid Polycarbonate sheets have excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. They are flexible and shock resistant, they provide an higher thermal and acoustic insulation than common glass. the lightness (a solid polycarbonate sheet weight 50% less than a sheet of glass of the same thickness) allows to reduce the weight in building applications. the advantages of solid polycarbonate sheets are: self-extinguishing, safety, lightness, light transmission, UV protection.


  • Technical features:
    linear thermal expansion: 0.065 mm / m ° C
    Temperature range: From -40 ° C to +120 ° C
    UV Protection, fire reaction EuroClass Bs 1 d0.
    Colors available on request: opal and bronze.
    Use: roofing, windows, skylights, greenhouses, porches, gazebos, ceilings.

    Installation: solid polycarbonate sheets can be installed in most pvc, wood, steel and aluminum structures and frames.

    The frame must hold the sheet in place while allowing it to expand.

    Drilling and cutting: the sheets can be drilled by means of standard helical bits for metal. Holes have to be distant at least 40mm from the panel's edges; the diameters of the hole must be larger than its anchoring system in order to allow the natural expansion of the material. Consider the thermal expansion When istalling (0.065 mm / m ° C).

    Use a saw with a blade specific for plastics pr a circular saw with a cemented carbide blade.

    Handling: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and rain to prevent any excessive build.up of heat in the packaging.

    Cleaning: we recommend the use of water and neutral detergent only. Do not use abrasive products.

    Sheet 500x1000 | thinckness 3 mm
    Pack: 12 pcs
    Code: LCP3C500x1000

    Custom cuts available on request

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