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  • URTI ABSORPTION BUMPERS Polymer cover with titanium dioxide Aluminum bearing profile Bars of 5 meters Article code: P-200A Galvanized steel shelf Article code: P-200MS Interlocking "V0" nylon terminals Article code: P-200TM Nylon "V0" interlocking corners Article code: P-200AG Application kit supplied Features:

    • Titanium dioxide polymers cover

    • Fine embossing

    • "V0" Nylon terminals "UL" yellow card, non-halogen, non-carcinogenic

    • Absence of bacterial growth

    • Fire reaction class 1

    • Extruded aluminum support profile There may be slight variations in the coupling of the same color between the profile and the elements printed in Nylon V0, as they are obtained with different processes and materials.

    The materials used comply with the European directive 2002/95 / CE dated 27th January 2003, and are in line with RoHS regulations on plastics

    (lead-free and heavy metals). SUPPLEMENT Addition for red, dark green and aluminum; SPECIAL COLORS Minimum order per acrovinyl profile 1,000 linear meters; CUTTING TO MEASURE

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