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Shock-resistant corner covers: safety equipment for adults and children

Trafil shock-resistant corner covers are flexible and customisable and are now even safer, thanks to their specific terminal.

When you design a room, be it a living room or a bedroom, you need to consider that, no doubt, there will be many corners and edges. A table, a low piece of furniture, the door's corner: they all can seem harmless. However, an even little distraction can turn them into potential dangers.

For this reason, every aesthetic or design choice must be made with respect for safety and relative legal regulation, so to make the resulting space look safe as well as beautiful.

We talked here about the importance of sanitising floors and skirting boards to eliminate dirt and bacteria.

Cleanliness is not the only aspect that has to be taken care of to make a space safe: corners can also be dangerous, and they need to be covered, taking into account the type of room in which they are located.

Furniture, corners, and children: corner covers to protect children spaces

It is always wonderful to see small children starting to take their first steps and exploring the surrounding environment. In every space attended by children, either domestic, scholastic, or of another kind, safety must be put first.

Houses, kindergartners, schools, playgrounds: they all have corners and furniture at child height.

That is why it is so important to carefully cover each corner children could crash into, to let them free to explore and play safely.

And that is when corner covers get in the game to make every room childproof and avoid accidents.

Corners in working environments: safety for adults too

Corner covers are designed not only to make homes safe when a baby is on the way. Nor their usage is limited to private spaces and childcare facilities.

In certain situations, adults too need to be protected from potentially dangerous corners and edges. For example, at work or in public places corner covers are part of the general accident prevention protection.

Construction sites, craft laboratories, workshops, hospitals but also offices, and gyms: in all these places, corner covers help to avoid accidents and reduce risk factors.

Trafil products make every type of environment safe

When you choose a corner cover, choose it wisely. Keep in mind that this device can literally save a life. For inattention, even a little accident can endanger a child or an adult life, and a corner cover can save that life.

That is why we always recommend installing the best products on the market. In addition to a wide range of skirting boards, Trafil also offers a diverse selection of shock-resistant corner covers.

And that's not all. Trafil has designed a unique product: a specific terminal that closes and finishes the corner cover, ensuring total protection and preventing dust infiltration.

Different choices, great safety

Trafil shock-resistant corner covers are available in two sizes and they can adapt to different needs. Equipped with an inner tube, they are made in flexible PVC, and their rounded corner provides effective protection of corners.

They are available in 12 different colours to suit every type of style or design. Moreover, they can be customised with a pleasant vanilla scent.

Trafil creates this product abiding by all safety standards and regulations to supply a product that with little effort can even save a life.


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