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Skirting board – a detail to define the harmony of your environment

Houses are not only floors and walls: In order to achieve a good result without clashes, Trafil realises plastic profiles for every need.

Imagine it is a very important day for you.

You put on a perfect dress and that new jacket you love so much so that everything matches perfectly. You feel good about yourself, and you leave home, though the first person you meet points out that you forgot to remove the label from your jacket or that you wear odd socks.

One wrong detail and the balance is gone.

In the same way, paying more attention to details when furnishing and decorating a room can change the space perception.

By choosing the right skirting board, you will give a final touch to the environment and make it look well-finished and balanced.

How to choose the perfect skirting board

The skirting board is the detail that truly defines the balance of a room.

It is not just a simple wood, ceramic, or plastic board laid at the end of the wall. A skirting board represents the boundary line that connects the three dimensions of a room, the vanishing point the eye is naturally attracted to.

There can be many different alternatives, depending on the different environments and needs.

To make the room seem larger, you can match the skirting board to the floor, the walls, or the doors, keeping the same colour and texture. You can choose a classic baroque style skirting board if it better fits the environment or one with a modern design, functional to hide cables that could be considered unaesthetic.

"Square" and "Round" skirting boards - great design for daily use

Trafil skirting boards of “Square and Round” collection are particularly versatile since they allow to match and blend walls and floors by creating a harmonious overall effect.

They are available in 13 different colours. Besides, Trafil "Square" and "Round" skirting boards are made in expanded PVC, an extremely light and flexible material, very easy to lay. In addition to that, it is also relevant to consider that PVC is completely waterproof and therefore easy to clean and sanitise.

Trafil skirting boards - a full product range for every need

Choosing a skirting board requires lots of attention to detail as well as imagination.

If you are looking for a component able to harmonise different materials inside a room, considering at the same time its decor, then the Square and Round collection is the best choice for you.

Moreover, Trafil also offers a complete range of PVC skirting boards, from baroque style to "Multisystem" modern design, from rigid to flexible and shelled finishing, to meet every aesthetic and technical need.

By making the right choice, you can be sure every time you look at your room will feel like the first time: three dimensions in perfect balance.


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