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The functionality of elegance: how to match skirting boards to your floor

All you need to choose your new floor is a few precise ideas, with an eye on practicality

How many times we have imagined waking up late in the morning, with a ray of light coming through the window and warming the parquet floor. How nice it would be to arrive barefoot in the kitchen, make a coffee and feel the warmth and roughness of the wooden floor on our feet.

Sometimes beautiful things are also possible: you just have to look around. Because there are parquet floors to suit all tastes and (almost) all budgets.

Parquet for everyone

The most famous and celebrated parquet is the traditional, solid wood parquet, laid with joints on all four sides. Very slow in setting up, it needs varnishing, waxing, oiling, sanding and polishing. It will be more or less a month before you can set foot in your home. The effect is assured: to give an example, it would be similar to the famous painting The Parquet Planers, painted in 1875 by Gustave Caillebotte, now in the Musée d'Orsay, Paris. In the famous painting, the morning light stagnates on the floor of an elegant empty room as the three planers work bent forward. From their hands the parquet is sprouting, almost coming to life. The parquet is indeed a living material, vibrating and resonating. The painting evokes a feeling of materiality, which may not have been fully appreciated by the critics of the time, but which is certainly what we look for in an elegant home today.

More modern is the pre-finished parquet, which does not need the slow build-up of solid wood: in three days you can cover the living room. It is usually made up of two layers, the first one in noble wood, and the second one in softwood, such as birch or fir.

The most economical is definitely laminate, which is very robust and suitable for busy rooms, the office or shop. Composed of several materials, it is actually a faux parquet, but looks completely like the original.

Decorating with parquet

Each of these parquet floors can floor different rooms, with different functions and in different colors. On the surface, it might seem difficult to look for a parquet floor that matches perfectly with the furniture we have chosen, but today the smoothest parquet floor also matches well with rough industrial furniture. As far as colors are concerned, the same elegant effect we are looking for can be achieved by combining a floor and a wall of different shades, light or dark. In these cases, the choice of skirting board plays a fundamental role, which can either pick up the pattern or coloring of the parquet, or go in the opposite direction, contrasting it.

How to wash parquet

One of the most common problems with parquet is cleaning. How do I clean parquet? Not with too much water, with wet but not dripping rags. The skirting board is also very important here. You need a skirting board that does not collect water, that does not make the wood swell or mildew.

In these cases, the Trafil Wood Effect Skirting Board, made of PVC, with high fire protection and certified fire protection, can be useful. As it is totally waterproof, it will be very easy to wash it without running the risk of ruining the floor, even with traditional detergents and degreasers. For this reason, Trafil Wood Effect Skirting board is also suitable for environments with high cleaning standards, such as kitchens or hospitals. The choice of colors makes it suitable for any type of parquet and furniture. In fact, it can really be the last detail missing for your home concept.

The industrial style

Not in every home or every room is parquet the most suitable choice. Our homes often suffer from changes in temperature and humidity, which could swell or ruin parquet. But this does not mean that we have to give up our idea of furnishing: in these cases, resin or porcelain stoneware come to our aid, providing a practical, economical and fashionable solution. We owe to the 1990s the flourishing of industrial furniture, made famous above all by bright lofts with large windows.

The industrial style is capable of maintaining the same materiality in iron and wood as Caillebotte's craftsmanship. The advantages of resin or porcelain stoneware flooring over parquet lie in its great resilience. Because not only does resin not absorb moisture, it is easy to clean, simple to customize and quick to install. In these cases, too, the skirting board can be a good ally for our idea of a home: a skirting board can frame a light-grey floor, breaking it up and contrasting it, or it can soften the floor itself, continuing the same motif, to bring out the softness of the walls.

For prefinished floors, the Multisystem Skirting Board Metal Effect - Stone is particularly suitable and offers a wide range of options. As it faithfully reproduces the colors and effects of wood, marble and aluminum, the Multisystem Skirting Board can be just the finishing touch you are looking for in your interior design. It goes perfectly with resin and porcelain stoneware, but also with tiles. Moreover, it shares a couple of key features with these modern types of flooring: it is totally waterproof and it is easy to lay. All you need is some clips or suitable glue and you're done. The cable feed-through on the inside makes it perfect for working environments, helping us not to run into those messy tangles of cables.


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