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Vertical furniture: the importance of shelves

How to make the best use of space with Trafil shelves

We live and work in space that are increasingly small. The available space, especially in the city, is not enough to contain all the things we desire and we are obliged to give up many objects that would make our room more comfortable.

Sometimes the lack of space is just a question of perspective. You only have to look at the room in its vertical dimension to realize how much empty space there is on the wall: a usable space!

Wall decoration with shelves

Shelves are a practical and transverse element, that can be placed on the walls of every location: from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the bathroom to the living room, but also in waiting rooms, in offices and all workplaces.

It is easy to match shelves to the taste of the floor. You can choose one style for the whole room, or create interesting contrasts in styles that combine baroque lines with ultra-modern accessories.

Choosing shelves between aesthetics and practicality

Shelves in a modern style are among the most suitable solutions for every taste and need. They can be used individually, or mounted in a linear manner to create a spacious horizontal plane, or they can be arranged in imaginative ways. The important thing is to choose a basic model that grants functionality and versatility.

The best shelf is one that combines high quality material with a great adaptability in order to create a complete design concept.

Trafil shelves, elengant and ready in a few minutes

Trafil shelves are among the few products capable of encompassing all these characteristics:

modern design, quality and functionality.

They are extremely resistant shelves, adaptable to every type of environment. Moreover, they are extremely easy to assemble: anyone can do it without difficulty.

In fact, to assembly a Trafil shelf you only need:

  • A measuring tape

  • A pencil

  • A hammer

  • 2 nails

  • 2 roller shutter belts

…… and of course, the shelf!

Just use a measuring tape and a pencil to enter the dimensions on the wall. The next step is to fold the belts and to fix them with the nails on the marks previously made with the pencil. At this point you just need to remove the protective film from the shelf and lay it inside the belts. Put it in a horizontal position and that’s it: the Trafil shelf is ready, in just a few steps.

The Trafil display unit for shelves

Respect for the environment is one of the most important priorities for Trafil. For this reason, this display unit is made with minimal packaging.

Already palletized and with a small volume (H150XL80XD60 cm), it is designed for DIY large-scale distribution and furnishing shops for ready- to-sell display.

A QRcode is inserted at several points on the display, that will help the client to access a short assembly video easily and quickly.

The display unit contains 8 mm thick crystal methacrylate shelves that can be attached with their own reinforced belts available in three different colors, or with other classic shelf support.

Why the choose of Trafil

Since 1992, Trafil has been producing thermoplastic articles, stamping and extruding them for the construction market and for any environment, both domestic and working. Trafil has particular attention to DIY large-scale distribution, helping clients to connect different environments.

For decades it has been producing in an environmentally sustainable way with the utmost respect for the environment and for life, promoting the “good culture” of plastic.


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