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Children safety at home and outside

Trafil products guarantee safety by using non-toxic materials and through fun design

In the previous articles, we talked about how to secure workplaces using Trafil corner covers. Here, we will concentrate on a place where ensuring safety is even more important: the world of children.

From children’s perspective, the world consists of different but often familiar places: their home, schools, playgrounds, sports centers, or some common areas in their neighborhood or apartment building.

When we adults spend a lot of time in a certain place, we often try to make that place safe. We are aware of the dangers that lurk behind a slippery staircase, a sharp corner we already crashed into, or a hidden step. These can cause us small, annoying accidents but can represent a serious danger to children. That is why it is necessary to give them the right weight.

Children’s spaces: how to secure them?

Corners and angles, staircases, and columns are often underestimated dangers. Unfortunately, one of the main causes of infant mortality are injuries caused by falls and crashes against these dangerous spots, when they are not properly secured.

The places that require the highest protection are the ones where children move a lot, play, and are distracted by many external stimuli. Parents and teachers are humans, so their attention cannot be always 100%, and they cannot be constantly there to cover every single dangerous spot in the room. That is why accidents happen.

Let’s see what we can do to reduce risks and injury severity.

In kindergarten and at school, children run, explore, experiment with new sensations, and try new things. That means these places must, first of all, comply with all the existing safety standards. It is extremely important to provide these environments with the appropriate safety equipment, such as high-quality corner covers, finger alerts for doors, radiator protections, and certified safety bars.

Safety at home…

The same attention to safety must be paid also for domestic environments where many and different places need to be secured. That is why Trafil offers a wide range of products to suit every kind of need.

Thanks to our corner covers and finger alerts, it is possible to protect:

  • Sharp corners;

  • Doorjambs;

  • Dressers and other protruding objects;

  • Bookcases and shelves;

  • Short tables and toy boxes;

  • Wall corners.

… and safety outside

Other places that need special care are those where children play, like playgrounds and game rooms.

Here, the chances of falling and hitting one’s head are even higher, making necessary the presence of anti-shock floors to absorb falls from slides, swings, and carousels.

For indoor activities, Trafil designed special radiator covers equipped with game panels to both prevent injuries and allow children to have fun in complete safety.

Common areas, entries, and exits of a building are also places that must be paid close attention to. Stair nosing profiles are efficient protection for steps, while corners and columns can be secured with specific corner covers up to standard.

Safe materials for children and adults’ safety

There are many different types of corner covers and other safety devices on the market and some of them can be easily purchased online and at very low prices. However, saving money in this context is a choice that can be fatal and therefore, must not be made unthinkingly.

To be sure a device is safe, one must not only consider its effectiveness in preventing injuries, but also the materials it is made of. This allows ensuring a healthy environment for both children and adults.

Trafil devices not only comply with safety standards but they are also made of PVC, a non-toxic, resistant, and elastic material.

Trafil catalogue, which you can consult here, can meet every kind of need. Balancing safety and aesthetics, it offers products with a great quality-price ratio that will protect children without jeopardizing the magic in their world.


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