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Classic corner covers – how to use them to protect and decorate your house

As kids, we used to depict a house and its walls by simply drawing white rectangles flattened on the two dimensions of a sheet of paper.

Then we became adults and we understood that designing a house is not that simple.

Walls are of course not all the same. You need to know where pillars are, how to best occupy recesses. And rooms have more likely more than only four corners.

Two windows, one door, and a roof do not make a house anymore. We need to take into account also smaller but equally essential elements, such as skirting boards and corner covers.

We already talked here about the importance of skirting boards in defining the style of an environment. Let’s see now how we can deal with the vertical elements that cover corners and walls. We are talking about corner covers.

Corner covers – to hide or not to hide?

Among all the elements that define the design of internal spaces, corner covers are one of the most important choices. Often, we choose to include a metal profile directly in the plaster, hiding it inside the wall.

This solution is not always possible, though, since it is useful to protect the wall but not people against potential impacts.

In this case, external corner covers can be a better solution. They preserve the uniformity of the paint, protect people, and of course contribute to decorating the environment.

It is possible to opt for different materials, but it is essential to choose a corner cover of good quality that does not damage the plaster, and that ensures the protection of the corner in the event of an accident.

Different looks for your corner cover

When the profile is not hidden inside the plaster, the choice of the corner cover becomes a design choice that will contribute to defining the structure of the room.

When choosing colour and material of the corner covers, it is best practice to look at the flooring. For example, you could choose a texture that matches the skirting boards. By coordinating different elements, you will make your room look nice and well-groomed.

This way, corners not only will be protected, but they will also represent an element of continuity between the dimensions of the environment.

If you want your environment to look more creative and colourful, you can choose between different kinds of corner covers.

Wide selection of materials and colours

To ensure corner protection and at the same time have the possibility to match all the elements of the room, Trafil offers a wide selection of classic corner covers, in different colours and textures. They are all made in PVC, a material that is resistant and easy to clean, with different designs that can suit every furniture style.

In addition to classic corner covers, that can neutrally match different styles, Trafil offers also more complex design solutions. For example, baroque-style protection profiles.

Many colours and finishes are available, from wood to metal and stone effect.

Flexible and paintable corner covers

Since there are many possibilities, choosing a corner cover is not easy. Should it match the skirting board? Should I choose a completely different colour, that matches the colour of doors and windows, or furniture?

If you just cannot decide, Trafil comes to your rescue: Trafil classic white corner covers can be entirely painted. This way, you will be able to customise them completely and even change their colour at a later time.

To suit every type of environment, Trafil has also flexible PVC corner covers that can bend and adjust to corners whose amplitude is different from the classic 90°.

Trafil classic corner covers will therefore always be a safe choice. And this is important because now we are aware of it: houses are never a mere set of rectangles.


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